UPDATE: American Airlines IP Address tweet was idle threat

UPDATE: American Airlines IP Address tweet was idle threat

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American Airlines Twitter Threat Reaction

Twitter Employee calls American Airlines out

American Airlines tweeted that they would “forward” another user’s IP address, but a Twitter employee says AA doesn’t have access to that info.

A brief recap of the American Airlines Twitter threat reaction

A 14 year old had the dumb idea of tweeting a threat to American Airlines. We here at Bossa Nova Interactive do not condone her actions, in case you were wondering.

The airline decided to respond with the even dumber idea of publicly shaming her.

Their response tweet was as follows:

“@QueenDemetriax_ Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI.”

A Twitter employee presses the BS button

Southwest Airlines blindly follows AA off the cliff

The shaming of this girl for her very stupid action likely had the opposite effect that AA intended.

It spawned hundreds of copycat threats on Twitter.

And for whatever reason, Southwest responded similarly, and in a public manner.

Southwest Airlines Twitter Threat Reaction

While they didn’t claim to have the IP address or other details like AA did, they still went the route of publicly shaming the user.

Which only gave them the attention that internet trolls crave so badly.

Way to go, Southwest! Way. To. Go.

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