NRF.LK and VBEA.CH – Twitter URL Shorteners for Norfolk and Va Beach

NRF.LK and VBEA.CH – Twitter URL Shorteners for Norfolk and Va Beach

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NRF.LK Twitter URL shortener for Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk and Virginia Beach area businesses: we’ve created some free Twitter URL Shorteners just for you, located at NRF.LK and VBEA.CH respectively.

Why Use a Twitter URL Shortener?

Twitter and other services will automatically shorten whatever web address (URL) that you include with your status update.

The reason for shortening the URLs on Twitter and services is because of the 140 character count that forces users to be brief and succinct with their updates. Every character counts, so having your uber-long URL shortened into a or shortened version is critical.

Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Represent!

For Norfolk businesses and organizations, there’s a free public URL shortener located at

For Virginia Beach, we’ve created

Want to represent your local-centric link in your next update? Stop by, drop your link in, and hit submit. Copy the new shortened link and paste into your next Tweet.

How It’s Made

Both shorteners are built with YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener,) a set of open source scripts created by Ohz.

Do You Already Use A Custom URL Shortener?

Leave a comment to tell us about it below.

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