Twitter Lead Generation Cards and AWeber Integration

Twitter Lead Generation Cards and AWeber Integration

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Twitter Lead Generation Cards and AWeber still take a bit of work to integrate, but it is totally worth it.

Lead Generation Cards became available to all Twitter advertisers back in September 2013. As of this writing, the lead generation cards still don’t easily integrate with the AWeber email marketing service that I use.

Before we get to the solution for this issue, here’s a bit of background on lead generation tweet cards.

What can you use Twitter Lead Generation Cards for?

It’s a great way to add users to your email lists because the form is automatically populated with their information.

Here’s an example of a Twitter Lead Generation card link when attached to a tweet (before being clicked on..)
Twitter lead generation card unexpanded

And here’s what the lead gen card looks like once it has been expanded.
Twitter lead generation card expanded

In the example, I am offering a free local marketing course for users that join my mailing list.

A user’s email, twitter handle, and name are already pre-populated in the card, so all they have to do to join is click the Register Now button.

Once they join the email list and confirm their email address, they receive their course.

Lead Generation Cards Only Available Through Twitter Advertising Portal

As of this writing, the only way to use a lead generation card is by creating an advertising account on Twitter.

I am not sure if you need to actually advertise in order to create a card.

Once you create your card, you can attach the card to a tweet and send it out to your followers.

You can also promote a tweet with the lead generation card attached.

When promoting a tweet, you’ll pay for each engagement. This means that any click on the link (even to expand) counts, as well as retweets (RTs) and favorites.

So How Do You Integrate It With AWeber?

Thankfully I discovered a blog post that showed instructions on how to integrate Twitter Lead Generation Cards with my Aweber email list building efforts.

Testing The Lead Gen Card Setup with Aweber

I did have a hard time testing this because the email for one of my accounts was previously subscribed to my list but had been deleted. The way I solved for this was to create a public tweet with the card attached and had a few followers test it out for me. Once I verified that it worked, I began using it in my promoted account campaigns.

Anyone Else Out There Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards?

We want to hear from you!

What service have you integrated with? Did you struggle to set it up?

And most importantly: Are you getting a lot of leads from your Twitter cards?

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