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Twitter Follow Policy

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Twitter Follow Back Policy - Bossa Nova Interactive

Twitter Follow Back Policy - Bossa Nova InteractiveI usually follow everyone back that follows either of my Twitter accounts (@malcommc or @thatsbossa) because I want to hear what they have to say, just like I assume they want to hear what I have to say. If we can engage and have a dialogue, that’s a total win.

However there are a few exceptions, so here’s my…

Twitter Follow Policy

  1. Auto Direct Messages – if you send me a DM automatically after I follow you, I will usually unfollow you.
  2. Inactive Accounts – if you still have an egg as your Twitter profile photo, or you just never post, I will usually unfollow you.
  3. Fake Accounts – if your account looks fake or if you have extra spammy text in your profile, I will probably not follow you back.
  4. Over-tweeting – if you fill my feed with tweets all day long that don’t give a lot of value, I will unfollow you. No one likes to be spammed, even if you don’t mean to do so.
  5. Unfollowers – if you followed me just to get me to follow you back, and then you unfollow me…I will do the same. The reverse is also true.

About once a week, I check to see who has followed me, who I have followed, and most importantly who my recent unfollowers are. You can also use this to identify fake and inactive followers.

I expect the same treatment that I give others. If I follow you I will usually give you a couple of days, but if nothing happens I’ll most likely unfollow you. There are a few exceptions (mostly celebrities or writers) that I follow without expecting a followback, but they are really few in number.

I don’t think that I’m above following anyone that follows me, but I’m trying to engage with others on Twitter and my hope is that you want the same when we follow one another.

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