Pinterest for Men – Don’t be afraid, fellas

Pinterest for Men – Don’t be afraid, fellas

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Pinterest for Men - Bossa Nova Interactive

I was at an event recently where a so-called social media expert told the audience that Pinterest is primarily – indeed overwhelmingly – used by females.

Pinterest for Men - Bossa Nova InteractiveThis isn’t wrong information. It is common knowledge that Pinterest rapidly gained popularity with females and is still a great way to reach women.

However, to illustrate his point, he then said something to the affect of:

“I mean, c’mon fellas – how many of you guys use Pinterest? Let’s have a show of hands!”

My hand was the only one in the room raised.

Granted, the audience was not comprised of the most digitally savvy users, but I was surprised that I was the only one with my hand raised in a group of about 20 males.

The other marketers in the room – male and female – were also surprised, but not in the same manner.

They were surprised that a man actually admitted that he used Pinterest.

There’s no shame in a man using Pinterest.

The snickers and “jokes” began soon after, which I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I didn’t try to justify or make excuses.

I’m a man and I think Pinterest rocks. One look at my boards will show you why. 

My Pinterest Boards
My Pinterest Boards

In fact, if you want to know why anyone uses Pinterest, just take a look at their boards. 

My colleagues in this room may not have been very savvy about digital and social media, but I was disappointed because as marketers, I expected them to recognize the value of this amazing platform to any gender.

Pinterest wants men too

I received an email from Pinterest that was chock full of manly DIY projects.

A recent email from Pinterest, targeted to men
A recent email from Pinterest, targeted to men

It’s a smart move and it shows that Pinterest is interested in growing usage and adoption by men.

Pinterest for Men

There have been a few alternative sites that mimic the way Pinterest works but are targeted toward a male-only audience.

As clever as some of these sites are, I won’t mention them here because the concept seems a bit lame. If you’re a man Pinning stuff to boards, you’re still basically using Pinterest, but for men.

Why not just bend Pinterest to your will? Here’s how:

  1. Start a board or two about whatever you’re interested in. I tend to use Pinterest for projects, humor and cooking.
  2. Repin from Pinterest categories. Browse through some of their categories and look for stuff to add to your boards. You can also use the search function.
  3. Pin manly stuff from your favorite sites. When you first sign up, they give you instructions on how to add a bookmarklet to your browser. There are also extensions/addons for just about all browsers.
  4. Connect with male and female friends. Sure, you could just add a bunch of guys you know from Facebook or Twitter, but you might be surprised how cool some of your female friends pins are.
  5. Clean up your main feed. This one takes some effort but is essential for your sanity as a man using Pinterest. Instructions are below.

How to clean up your main feed on Pinterest

Your main feed consists of all of your friends’ pins all lumped together on the home page once you log in. It can be a jumbled mess, so cleaning it up is a good idea for anyone. But as a man I can say this has helped me weed out the noise of dresses, makeup and other pins that I’d never be interested in.

Of course, you could just unfollow any friends that pin stuff you’re not interested in, but I prefer to try to keep as many followers and friends as possible. This method will allow you to unfollow some of their boards without removing them as a friend.

Step 1 – When you see a pin you don’t like, look for the board name at the bottom. It will be in small letters, but it is clickable. See screenshot below and click that board name.

How to clean up your main feed on Pinterest

Step 2 – Unfollow the board. In the example above, the pin leads to a board that’s all about hair. While my friend may be totally interested in it, to me it is just noise. By unfollowing this board, I get to keep her as a friend on Pinterest, but not see any more hair styling pins from her.

How to Unfollow boards on Pinterest
How to Unfollow boards on Pinterest

Step 3 – Rinse and Repeat. Do this for any pins you see in your main feed and soon you’ll have pretty decent control over the feed. You should begin seeing more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

It takes a little time, but if you do it once a week for a few minutes, it is totally worth it.

How many men use Pinterest? Show of hands…

Come on fellas, don’t leave me hanging! Tell me about how you use Pinterest in the comments below.

And if you’re using or plan to use Pinterest, connect with me at!

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