How To NOT Suck At Social Media Book Trailer Video – Made...

How To NOT Suck At Social Media Book Trailer Video – Made With Fiverr!

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During a recent SPI Podcast, Pat Flynn was interviewing Jeff Goins about book promotion, and Jeff suggested that if you don’t already have a huge following, you might think up some crazy idea/stunt to get noticed.

Right after hearing him say that, my wheels started turning. What if made a crazy mashup book trailer video with nothing but people saying my book title “How To NOT Suck At Social Media?”

Where would I get all of the people to do it? And then I remembered

Fiverr is a place where you can get all sorts of cool work done. All of this video contains Fiverr Gigs, from the people speaking lines, to the dancers (except for the one in my office with the witch hat!) and the movie intro guy. I also got the music/beats for the core portion of the mashup from a super-talented Fiverr Gig’er named Blair.

Check out my end result below!

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