Fail: Dean McDermott shows us how to not handle Twitter trolls

Fail: Dean McDermott shows us how to not handle Twitter trolls

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How to NOT Suck at Social Media - Fail

Reality star and quasi-celebrity Dean McDermott decided to fight some Twitter Trolls recently.

He lost.

And by lost, I mean he got trolled hard.

It basically ended with Dean making a statement similar to “I’m taking my toys and going home!”

Dean McDermott looking sad.
Dean McDermott looking sad.

Don’t know who Dean McDermott is?

That’s okay.

All you really need to know about him is that he is apparently famous for something and that makes him a celebrity…kind of.

And celebrities have and always will be targets on social media channels.

By now you’d think that most anyone who has had to deal with the paparazzi would be used to internet trolls, but Dean’s example below is only one of many social media fails by quasi-famous people.

It started with Dean defending his wife, Tori

She’s also on television and some sort of celebrity.

Dean McDermott vs. Twitter Troll 1

At this point, Dean is channeling his inner zen master.

Although conventional wisdom dictates to not “feed” the troll, Dean confidently engages them anyway.

It seems to have worked this time.

The troll seems to shut up and go away, but I’m sure they’re still proud that they got Dean’s reaction.

Maybe this also falsely bolstered Dean’s confidence because…

The next day, Dean got trolled much harder

The bait – in this case a comment about his wife – was firmly set. Dean takes it hook, line, and sinker.

Dean McDermott vs. Twitter Troll 2

I have blocked out selected pieces of Dean’s expletive filled rant.

Shortly after this, Dean quits social media altogether and makes sure everyone knows it.

Dean McDermott Quits Social Media

How to NOT Suck at handling Twitter Trolls

Like me, you may have strong opinions about reality television and the “celebrities” that it manufactures.

You may also have an opinion on Dean McDermott or Tori Spelling as well.

Let’s put all that aside for this conversation.

I’ll also state that it is not easy for most people to deal with anonymous d-bags attacking you on the internet.

Celebrities are still people and while I know it comes with the territory, it must be extra hard for them to not react to the nasty things that people say online, especially with the sheer volume of hate directed at them from time to time.

Now with all that said…

Celebrities, listen up: Do Not Feed The Trolls

When you react, you lose.

And they win.

It is arrogant to think that you can reason with an anonymous person that talks trash from behind a keyboard.

You are not that good. No one is.

Trolling is part of life on the internet

Anonymous internet hate comes with the territory, especially if you’re even remotely famous.

If you can’t handle it, hire someone to manage your social media for you.

Remove Twitter from your phone if you have poor impulse control and can’t resist replying.

I know your family and friends may also be tempted to react and defend you when they read ugly comments. Coach them not to do that by telling them that defending you online actually hurts you rather than helps you.

When in doubt, call your publicist, your agent, a PR firm, or anyone that can help you through it.

Just don’t reply to the troll. It’s a simple solution. I know it isn’t always easy, but it is often the only solution.

Drama for drama’s sake?

Even though this is negative press, there is a slight chance that some “celebrities” might crave the headlines anyway. Dean McDermott was the talk of many online mags for a day or two after this incident. I’m not sure that was his intention and I have no idea if it helps his career, but I’m acknowledging the possibility for posterity’s sake.

Speaking of which, I can’t resist throwing in this little trinket to wrap things up.

Sometimes it pays to read the comments on “news” stories like this one from E! Online.

My favorite comment simply read “Wow! Dean has fans?”

Wow! Dean has fans?
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