Damn you, Pinterest! Why I love and hate this social network

Damn you, Pinterest! Why I love and hate this social network

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Pinterest Project - Leaning Tower of Cardboard
Pinterest Project - Leaning Tower of Cardboard

I love Pinterest.

I also hate Pinterest when my wife finds new projects for me to do.

Damn you, Pinterest!

Thanksgiving, 2013 – the conversation went something like this the night before:

Wife: Hey, you have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, right?
Me: Yep.
Wife: Great! I have a project for you and Vivi to do together. Its the one I told you about from Pinterest.
Me: Um, did it come with instructions this time?
Wife: Nope. That’s the fun part. You have to figure it out!

I went on to complain about how I was tired of projects she found on Pinterest, but then I got this look:
Wife is not happy

My shoulders slumped and I said “send me the link.”

Pinterest is an awesome social experience. I, like most people, use it often for inspiration, or just to find new, cool, or funny things. I also recommended in my book that some businesses use it as a sort of passive way of connecting with customers by creating or curating valuable content.

However, I also hate Pinterest with a passion. Well, I really only hate that my wife uses it. Let me explain.

Here’s an example from our 8 year-old’s birthday a couple of months back:

Pinterest Birthday Project
Pinterest Birthday Project

THAT project cost both of us several hours of tedious work, but the look on the kid’s face was worth it…I guess.

The thing is, like most working parents these days, we’re both super-busy. And I’m in the camp of “let’s not add any extra work to our plates” while she’s in the “but it’s so pretty…” camp.

Pinterest creates a ton of new work for her also. We both cook meals and split all tasks equally, but she is a much better chef than I’ll ever be. Pinterest has added so many new recipes to her cookbook. As the angry red ring around my expanding waist can attest, most of those new recipes are awesome.

So I knew this project would be like the birthday one, but had no idea it would be so much more intense.

After getting the link and not seeing any sort of instructions, I ended up doing an Google image search and found the original source of the image.

It was not an amateur project.

The original work was created by a professional artist named Annalise Rees. This Aussie used found materials to make a statement. You can find out more here.

I started to make a statement by telling the wife and kid that it was just not something we had any business doing. But when I went downstairs, my wife had all the boxes out and the 8 year old was already stacking them up how she wanted the tower to look.

Countless hours of work with an Exacto knife, clear tape roll, hot glue gun, and a set of old Christmas lights later ended with this result: (original is on the left, mine is on the right)

Pinterest Project - Leaning Tower of Cardboard
Pinterest Project – Leaning Tower of Cardboard

The tower is far from finished but it is pretty cool. The girls will likely continue to add trim to the windows, doors, and other accents.

The 8 year old loves her new tower as much as she loved her birthday party setup, maybe even more. But she didn’t really have to slave away on it like I did. About 30 minutes into the project, I found myself alone and determined to crank through it.

So, I’ve got mixed emotions. I still hate Pinterest, at least, in the hands of my wife, but I also love it in my hands, and in her hands too (within reason.)

That said – anyone want to buy a tower? They won’t let me recycle it!

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