#AmazonCart intros on Twitter for easier mobile purchases

#AmazonCart intros on Twitter for easier mobile purchases

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AmazonCart Twitter Hashtag

Amazon recently announced a way for its customers to quickly add items to their Amazon cart from their Twitter feeds.

When a user sees a tweet with a product link from their site they can reply with the hashtag #AmazonCart.

The item will then be placed in their cart on Amazon.com (or in one of their apps.)

Here’s the #AmazonCart announcement:

The item only gets placed into your Amazon cart. You still have to go complete the checkout/transaction manually.

I suppose it makes for a good way to bookmark items for later purchases.

Meh. So what?

I’m a hardcore Amazon Prime user and an active Twitter user, but I was at first puzzled by this service.

Do people buy items on Twitter? I’m sure some people do, and I’m sure some of those people will use this service.

The implications for brands, however, could be huge.

If CPGs (consumer packaged goods manufacturers – aka the stuff you buy in stores) know that their customers are buying from Amazon, then this gives them a great way to promote their products. In fact, the video that accompanies their announcement gives several specific examples of this.

So this news is probably more exciting for brands and advertisers than it is for your average consumer on Twitter.

Who else profits?

Amazon, that’s who. When you use this service, you’re giving them even more data about you by linking your Twitter and Amazon accounts. Twitter may not necessarily learn a ton more when you connect the account, but I’m willing to bet they’ll be getting some extra data too.

If you’re a heavy Prime user like I am, then you know there’s not much Amazon doesn’t already know about you, so this bit is a drop in the bucket, comparatively.

And, cue the affiliate marketing tweet spam!

We’ll also see a ton more amzn.to shortened links on our Twitter feeds as people with Amazon Associates accounts fill their tweets with link spam.

Although I can’t hate on this too much because, like many bloggers, I’m also an Amazon Associate (affiliate.)


Still, it should be interesting to see if this takes off.

What do you think of this service? Will you use #AmazonCart?

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