We offer many different types of services to our clients, including:

Local SEO

How do people find your local business online? Too often, local business owners think about this aspect of their web presence last, when it really should be first. We offer keyword research and a competitive analysis report that will help you determine what keywords are worth targeting, and what your competition is doing to rank highly for that phrase.

Web Design

Anyone can build a website. In fact, you can probably get one built for free, if you don’t need much. Here at Bossa Nova, we build more than websites – we build your brand online, aka your web presence. We have pricing and packages for individuals and smaller businesses that are just starting out. Bossa Nova also does a lot of custom work for small to mid-size businesses and organizations.

Digital Marketing

We hesitate to use the term “Internet Marketing” for fear of conjuring up images of work-at-home scams and make-money-online ripoffs. The tactics we use to get your message in front of the right audience are the polar opposite of the fly-by-night schemes you see all over the internet.

Social Media

Smart business owners use social media to have conversations with their customers, not sell them. Think about it – when you’re on facebook, do you really want to be sent some super-salesy message about buying some product or service you know next-to-nothing about? We can help you get these conversations started with your customers and turn new followers into raving fans.

Consulting and Training

We offer one-on-one consultation and/or training anywhere in the United States. We’re also available via Skype, iChat or Facetime for pre-arranged appointment times.

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