Track Google Adwords Call Extensions with Call Forwarding

Track Google Adwords Call Extensions with Call Forwarding

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Using Google Voice for Adwords Call Extensions

One of the most overlooked features of Google Adwords are Call Extensions, which either show a phone number in your text ad or display a “Call” button as shown below.

Google Call Extension

This has tremendous value for local businesses, especially as more people are now searching for your business from their smartphones.

Google states in their documentation that this feature is “free.” This really only means that if someone clicks on your call button or phone number, it counts as a click on the ad, so you will be charged for the normal cost-per-click charge but nothing extra.

Tracking Call Conversions

Even more overlooked and under-utilized is the ability to track conversions by using Google Call Forwarding. This is also a free service.

Adding a Google forwarding number to your Adwords call extensions will allow you to understand more about the people that click and call the phone number in your ad.

When enabled, you’ll be able to see what area code they’re calling from, when they called, and the duration of the call. This is useful for determining if most click-to-calls are real business inquiries vs. a fat-finger error from a mobile device. It can also help you refine your targeting if you see a lot of calls coming from a few area codes.

Google Call Forwarding isn’t available everywhere

Google Adwords call extensions are only available on text ads, not on Google’s display network.

The service is also only available in select countries (at the time of this article, the list is UK, US, Australia, France, Germany and Spain.)

There are other instances where they may not function. Check the official help article here for more information.

Have you been using Google Call Forwarding or Google Adwords Call Extensions?

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