Top 5 Benefits of Google Voice for Business

Top 5 Benefits of Google Voice for Business

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Top 5 benefits of using google voice for business

Business owners should consider claiming their Google voice number if they haven’t already.

Google Voice is great for businesses of all sizes, but really excels for solopreneurs, sole proprietors and other small business owners.

Here are 5 benefits of using Google Voice for Business

1. It can be used as a primary number

With all of the forwarding and voicemail features, you can easily use this as the primary number for your business. We’ve been using it as our primary business number for years and it has been reliable and stable the entire time.

2. You can set up voice mail or use your own

Forward your Google Voice number to your own voicemail (on your mobile phone, for example) or take advantage of their built in voicemail. Google voicemail will attempt to translate the voicemail and send it to you by email or text message or both. The translation is not perfect, and sometimes hilarity ensues, but it is still pretty handy for when you can’t take the time to listen to the recording (in a meeting, for example.)

3. Ring multiple lines

Another handy feature is that you can choose to forward calls to one or more numbers. This is really convenient when you want to ensure that you (or an employee) answer incoming calls. There are also rules that you can set up to ring a certain line a number of times before taking another action, like ringing a second line or sending to voicemail.

4. Set business hours

I personally use this one a lot. There’s an option to take different actions during set hours. For example, if you happen to have a day job and don’t want incoming calls from your side business, you can have the calls go to voicemail during the day and then have the calls ring your cell phone at night and on weekends.

5. Its free!

This, of course, it the best feature of all! Google may one day charge for this service, but I can’t imagine it would be any more expensive than its competitors.

Setup is easy

Google Voice service requires a google account and a separate phone number (for forwarding) to verify. Once you’ve done that, it is just a simple matter of following their instructions for setting up your voice mail and forwarding options.

Don’t forget that they also have apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Are you using Google Voice?

Leave a comment below and let us know about your experiences with this service.


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