Local Keyword Research with Market Samurai – Part 2 – Know Your...

Local Keyword Research with Market Samurai – Part 2 – Know Your Industry

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Local Keyword Research With Market Samurai

In Part 1 of this series, we took a look at Location-based keywords (e.g. city names) in an effort to get to know our market/region.

In Part 2 we’ll still be using the example of a fictional personal injury law firm in Norfolk, VA.

Since we’ve already researched our geographic region, the focus of this article will be on researching the Industry keywords for lawyers/law firms.

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How-To Video Tutorial for Part 2: Know Your Industry

Our tutorial series continues in Part 2 with this screencast of how to use Market Samurai for local keyword research. Keep reading the article to go deeper on any information contained in the video, or feel free to come back to the article for reference.

About the South Hampton Roads Region

As Norfolk is part of what is commonly referred to as Southside Hampton Roads, it would be good to take a look at the tables below before proceeding.

Southside Hampton Roads Cities

# City Population* Daily SEOT
1 Virginia Beach 437,994 37,835
2 Norfolk 242,803 30,930
3 Chesapeake 222,209 20,712
4 Portsmouth 95,535 13,808
5 Suffolk 84,585 16,846

*Source: 2010 US Census.

Virginia Peninsula Cities

# City Population* Daily SEOT
1 Newport News 180,719 11,364
2 Hampton 137,436 5,081
3 Yorktown 65,464 6,214
4 Williamsburg 14,068 20,712

*Source: 2010 US Census.

Based on the above information and what we know about the City of Norfolk, we can speculate that people may include attorneys in two neighboring cities: Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. So in Part 2, we’ll be using three of the cities from the Southside table above and combining them with industry-specific keywords.

Industry-Specific Keyword Variations

The business type we’ve selected for our example is a personal injury law firm. But we don’t know at this time how people are searching for that term. (For example: are they searching for lawyer or lawyers?) To determine this, we may take the phrase “personal injury law firm” and put it in Market Samurai as a new keyword then press the “Generate Keywords” button. This should give us an indication on what variations people search for (ex: personal injury laywer vs. personal injury law firm)
Market Samurai Local Keyword Research - Lawyer Keywords 1
Right away, lawyer and lawyers come up as having the most traffic. We’ll probably keep those in our analysis. The next two we’ll keep are also near the top: law firm and law firms. We’ll also keep attorney and attorneys as keywords. law office and law offices may be worth investigation also. I’ve removed other keywords such as attorney at law and the law firm of and accident injury because of low Phrase-to-Broad Ratios (PBR.)

After applying some filters the following relevant keywords give us some indication on the terms people are using when searching for personal injury lawyers.

Market Samurai Local Keyword Research - Lawyer Keywords 2

Including Permutations For Local Keyword Research

Our fictional personal injury law firm would like to reach more potential clients in the City of Norfolk, VA. We’ve already determined that the keyword norfolk has a decent amount of daily traffic associated with it, and as a standby we’ve also identified that people sometimes search for the keyword norfolk va.

It is possible that people from other nearby cities may looking for a personal injury lawyer in neighboring Norfolk. So we can include Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake in any keyword research.

And we also know a list of industry keywords and their popularity in searches. We can also take a stab at the descriptive keywords, such as “personal injury” and “accident.”

How are you supposed to know if someone is searching for personal injury lawyer norfolk or norfolk personal injury lawyer? That’s done by the somewhat tedious task of permutations, or including every possible variation of the keywords above that make sense. Note that I just stated that it needs to make sense. I doubt that many people are searching for firm best injury lawyer norfolk personal.

For example for the main industry keyword phrase of lawyer and the primary Location-based keyword of norfolk (plus any state variations,) we’d want the following combinations:

lawyer norfolk
lawyer norfolk va
lawyer norfolk virginia
norfolk lawyer
norfolk va lawyer
norfolk virginia lawyer

You may think this is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the results in some cases once you run the analysis in Market Samurai. Now imagine how much work it is to make the above combinations/permutations manually when you consider that the following keywords will become part of our analysis.

Descriptive Keywords Industry Keywords Location-Based Keywords
personal injury lawyer norfolk
injury lawyers norfolk va
accident law firm norfolk virginia
car accident law firms virginia beach
law office virginia beach va
attorney virginia beach virginia
attorneys chesapeake
chesapeake va
chesapeake virginia

Notice that I included Descriptive keywords as a separate group from Industry and Location keywords. You could consider “personal injury” a type of lawyer, but there is value in analyzing search traffic for the word “lawyer” with and without the descriptive keyword.

The table above generated 546 keyword permutations! Creating all of those combinations manually would be grueling, but we have good news! In the next part of this series, we’ll show you how to use a special tool we’ve built for just this purpose.

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