Google Places – Maps Error “We currently do not support the location”

Google Places – Maps Error “We currently do not support the location”

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Google Places/Maps Error - We do not currently support the location

Many businesses have received the dreaded Google Maps Error “We currently do not support the location” after clicking the “See your listing on Google Maps” link from the Google Places Dashboard. This can be extremely frustrating after you’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting the correct citations for your Google Places listing.

Unfortunately we’re not immune to this error either. Although our clients local listings are rock solid, our own listing for Bossa Nova Interactive hasn’t been so bulletproof.

For the past 43 days (and counting) our business listing has been completely removed from Google Places and Google Maps, which also makes it ineligible for the new Google Local rollout on Google+.

About the “We currently do not support the location” error

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  1. “We currently do not support the location”. Since Feb. Never had a problem for 4 years. Contacted google help and made all neccessary corrections. came up on google maps for 24 hours and went back to “We currently do not support the location. Contacted google and was told everything is good on my end and its a tecnical issue on there end and they are working on it but have no idea how long it will take. its been over 4 months dont know what else to do. My business is losing money daily

  2. I’ve not had the best experience with listing with Google Places either. The dreaded “We currently do not support the location” issue has been the bane in which I’ve endured for a while now.
    Its been almost a year since I placed my initial listing and all I got out of it so far is several nonsensical, uninspiring phone calls from Google for verification. Numerous emails requesting information as to why my listing has not been published. Come to find out recently some of the drama was spawned by “helpful” people trying to list my business for me causing duplication and a roadblock in the process. I can only hope that this fiasco will be sorted out with a few more emails and inquiries with Googles “support” team. To all of you out there having similar issues I will you luck in correcting things. I have no doubt the issue will be resolved. However its discouraging when Google response is a form letter filled with further delays and no real reason given for the issue in the first place. Again GOOD LUCK!

    • Yes sometimes it seems like participating in Adwords makes all the difference in so many of the other business tools! What are you doing about it? I hope you’ve given up on waiting and gone another route. The most painful part is losing reviews if you’ve had them, but I’m thinking the time spent waiting can be used to rebuild those reviews while still being found by local searches!

      Sorry to hear about it, and best of luck!

      • I’ve had a reply off google following your advice. They said to resubmit the listing and wait a week. If there’s no progress after that to email them again. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Just came across this post when having a problem for a Places page which I knew was OK a few days before because I added a review to it successfully. I was finding the Places listings looked OK when doing a search, but clicking on any listing to get to the Places page for that business gave the dreaded error.

    The cause of the issue on my system I discovered was I was searching using Chrome through a custom Google search; I’d set my default search in Settings… Manage search engines… to be “depersonalised” in order to check search results for clients without them being influenced by previous searches and activity on my system. As soon as I went to the main Google search page and used the search bar (not the Chrome ‘awesome’ bar or whatever it’s called) the “we do not currently support the location” error no longer occurred and the Places listing was shown.

    So if you’re seeing the problem during search (rather than from the dashboard/management side) the problem may be with your search settings rather than the Places listing itself.

  4. Hi Guys, I too am a webmaster/internet marketeer and have had listings do the same thing, matter of fact the last 5 new listings i have verified have all gone directly into pending review without any reason. I can say that if you do adwords at all call their hotline and impress upon them to inquiry about your place/local problems they can contact the rigth people for you. use the leaverage of stopping adwords if these issues are not resolved. it is easier for me because we have serveral campaigns and $$$ in adwords but adwords is the only support there really is so use it if you can. Google needs to be sued via a class action suit for business damages, and held accountable. simply saying it is a free service so they are not neglegent for the loss of business that a business loses after one of their glitches is rediculous. They made themselves the biggest most reliable search engine to the masses, and have a responsibility to both searchers & listing owner to keep the systems up running correctly, communicate and really help fix problems when they arise, or get out of the game. I really hope bing/yahoo overtakes google and people catch on as bings customer service is hands down 1000% percent better even for the local free listings.

    • Hi Rick. Thanks for the tip on AdWords support. We also manage several campaigns in AdWords and I had thought about turning there for support. Glad to hear it worked for you and thanks for sharing.

      I like to think these are just growing pains for Google Places’ transition to Google+ Local. I’m sure Google is well aware of the feedback and will hopefully react accordingly.

  5. We currently do not support the location message! I don’t know how long
    it has been missing,(3-4weeks) i believe, but my business is going down
    hill, We ware the on top of the list for moving services in our area
    for 4years and it took us long time to get good reviews( no calls
    without them). About a week ago i got a call from unknown number(Spoke
    very broken English) stating there with Google and asked for directions
    to my Business location? I asked for number to call back for security
    purposes and she said call back the number on your caller id!! I could
    not do that, it was privet i said, but she could understand me. A day
    later i notice that SC Moving Service in Portland ME was not Google

    We Did some of the steps Malcom Did and emailed Google!

    Google Team email us back:

    Thank you for contacting Google. We may follow up if we need further
    information. Also, feel free to respond to this email to clarify
    anything or give us additional information.

    Otherwise, we appreciate your patience while our team reviews and responds to inquiries in the order they are received.

    Once we’re finished investigating, someone from our team will get back
    to you with actions we’ve taken and instructions for next steps.


    The Google Team

    • Hi SC Moving. I think you’re right – they weren’t from Google. However, I am not sure the two incidents are related. Still, anything is possible. It’s pretty easy for competitors or anyone with a grudge to report your listing and get it jammed up for no reason. Or at least it used to be. Your mileage may vary.

      Regardless, you have a problem to solve and that’s getting your listing back in one piece. Mine didn’t have a happy ending, but I wish you luck with yours. I’d wait a bit more and then if it doesn’t get fixed soon – make a new listing under another account. The verification process will likely be shorter than waiting on them to fix it.

      Speaking of which, have you already made a Google+ Brand Page? Try that route, then add the location info and get it verified. It will likely end up being your Google+ Local listing too.

      Please let me know how it goes.

      • Hi, thank you for the reply. Well, our listing went back up after we sing-up for Google+ and ran some express adds!:),but we now have only 2 reviews,instead of 16 we had before. We are wondering what happened to the rest?
        Hoping calls will start coming back like they used to:))
        SC Moving,

        • Glad to hear it came back. Hope your reviews do too. Mine did not, but then again I started from scratch. That’s probably the second hardest thing to deal with. Other than not having a listing at all, the reviews not coming back can really hurt because they are so hard to earn.

  6. This happened to me today after claiming and editing listings. Google has THE WORST customer service and it will be their undoing. Apple can’t get here fast enough with a good MAPS app.

    • Sorry to hear that! Make sure you take advantage of the Google+ Local and Google+ Pages for Brands functionality, which is replacing Places right now. I eventually gave up and created Google+ brand page and local place with a different account.

  7. hi Malcolm, i was curious if you had any updates since this post? This just happened to us last week. We’ve written to Google and haven’t had a response. Did they provide you with any resolution?

    • Hi Sondra. I am long-overdue for an update on this! I’ll probably write a separate recap post for it when I get the time. But in a nutshell, I gave up. It is still pending review in my original places account. I had a second google account for my domain name/google apps. So I made a Google+ profile and a Google+ brand page and then a Google+ Local listing. Went through the process to claim and verify both the Brand page and the Local listing. It was painful, but still faster. Now I just have to figure out if/why I have to maintain two listing pages (Brand and Local) instead of one. Stay tuned for that.

      Best of luck with whatever you do.

  8. Thank you for writting this article. I have been dealing with the same mess for months. It started 5 months ago when someone reported my business as closed and from there I have had nothing but problems. I am now in the same holding pattern as you with the same exact letters from Sandy. It looks like this has been a glitch for several months and sadly it greatly effects so many businesses. As a florist that is the number one way my customers find me. I will be checking back to see if you have any luck resolving this.

    • @de2f62c5561a77df3cbe0e5bbdde5a90:disqus sorry to hear you’re going through that. The “glitch” really doesn’t seem to be a glitch at all in your case. Just poor design. It sucks that competitors have been able to report other businesses as closed.

      While that didn’t happen to our listing, it is still poor design and communication on Google’s part. 94 days and counting since our listing vanished from the public eye.

  9. It is always best to diversify your local SEO efforts and mix it up with a really healthy dose of social media presence. Google Places (now Google+ Local) was and still may be the ultimate “anchor” for your local SEO efforts, but that doesn’t mean that all of the effort put into Bing, Yahoo!, Manta, Citysearch and the like won’t pay off. Remember to check out my article on sources for local business citations located here: Also don’t forget about your trusty old pal – organic search ranking (plain ol’ SEO.) As long as you stick to writing quality content and pushing that out to the right audience with the right target keywords, you’ll still fare pretty well.

  10. I’m a Google Top Contributor and have been trying to help folks with this issue. It’s heart breaking to me and almost criminal.

    1) Did you have a home address listed? Did you set it to hide your address? That’s the biggest reason listings have been deleted and it’s happened to THOUSANDS of businesses. Some have been down a couple months.

    2) DON’T Delete and start a new listing as they suggested in support emails at one point. Bad advice for a number of reasons. BUT important to know I’ve not seen anyone’s new listing work when they try this. I think there is a permanent ban on the location or something so even new listings don’t work.

    I’m going to push on Google some more to try to get this resolved.

    • Hi Linda. No, I did not have a home address in the listing. It used to be a visible address, but in all of the troubleshooting, I simply ended up hiding it and pushing out a service area instead. At this point, the listing is back to Pending Review (see update on article soon.) It never left my Dashboard, but it doesn’t exist anywhere else. No stats or history on it either.

      I’m glad I resisted the urge to delete and start over but I have been tempted to start from scratch on another Google account that I own. The process of verification would have been done by now. 59 days and counting…

  11. Same story here. Many contacts with google support done, and every reply is just to sit back and wait. Many of our competitors are shown on the map, some of them not existing any more. Frustrating.

    • Reviews and ratings and analytics being gone just plain sucks. But losing the ranking “game” to competitors (especially ones not in business…ouch!) double-sucks! You’ve likely worked hard to gain that placement on the map, and whatever rank you’ve achieved. I feel your pain. Wish I had more answers. Sorry for the delayed reply.

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