Google Authorship is dead? Well, only mostly dead.

Google Authorship is dead? Well, only mostly dead.

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Google Authorship is dead?

In late summer of 2014, Google announced that they would no longer show Google Authorship in search results.

This prompted a flurry of articles declaring that Google Authorship is dead.

While it may seem so at first glance, it’s really only mostly dead, but it still has value that you should not ignore.

A refresher on Google Authorship

Earlier this year I wrote about Google Authorship and why bloggers should go through the setup process.

In a nutshell, it served as a way to get your content associated with your Google+ profile, which also had the pleasant side effect of getting your picture into search results.

Google Authorship - How To Get Your Photo Into Google Search Results

Turns out that search results became so populated with these author photos and other Google+ meta data that the hope of an author standing out was pretty much a lost cause.

I’m sure there were other reasons, but whatever they may be, Google issued a statement that they would no longer be showing authorship in search results.

However, there is still great value for bloggers that go through the setup process.

Not all experts agree that Google Authorship is dead

Two great marketing minds that contend that Google Authorship is not really dead have already said all of this best, so you should click their links below. But to summarize:

  • Google said they won’t be showing Authorship, but it likely still affects rank.
  • A patent for something called “Authoritative User” was filed by Google, indicating that they still plan on using authorship data.
  • If an author is connected to someone on Google+, the odds go up that they may see that author’s link before others.

Check out their articles below:

Authorship is not “Dead”: Recently-Granted Google Patent Provides Evidence of Author Influence by Pam Aungst.

Google Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not by Danny Sullivan

Authors, all hope is not lost

If you’ve set this up in the past, it hasn’t been a wasted effort. If you haven’t set this up – you can still get it done!

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