Level up Local Marketing! From NOOB to Pro – just 10 lessons

Level up Local Marketing! From NOOB to Pro – just 10 lessons

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Level Up Local Marketing with our Free Course

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We’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating…

Local customers are searching for your business.

But do they find you, or the competition?

David was smarter than Goliath

In this course business owners will learn how to reach their local customers via digital channels.

But you’ll also learn how to compete with the big guys and their big budgets.

When your competitors have a huge budget, they don’t have to be as smart about their local marketing plans.

That’s something you as a small business owner can learn to take advantage of!

Here’s the course outline:

Lesson 1: Local Marketing is an Investment in Your Business
Lesson 2: Local Marketing Channels: Old School vs. New
Lesson 3: The Three Pillars of Local Marketing
Lesson 4: Local SEO – Put Yourself in Google’s Shoes
Lesson 5: Local SEO: People Are Searching For Your Business
Lesson 6: Social Media: How to NOT Suck at it
Lesson 7: Social Media: How to Meaningfully Engage with your Followers
Lesson 8: Content Marketing Overview
Lesson 9: Content Marketing: Blogging and Article Creation
Lesson 10: Content Marketing: Building Email Lists

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