Can’t Merge Duplicate Google Plus Local Pages? Just Delete It

Can’t Merge Duplicate Google Plus Local Pages? Just Delete It

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Whack -A-Dupe! Google Plus Local Duplicate Pages

Trying to merge duplicate Google Plus Local pages?

Short answer: you can’t, but deleting it is faster than dealing with Google support.

Before you do that, however, make sure you take the following steps.

1. Claim the duplicate page

You must be an owner or manager of the page to delete it. If you don’t own it, begin the process of claiming it in your Google My Business portal.

2. Check to see which page ranks for the most keywords

Log out of Google and do a search for some of your common keywords. If your pages are Google+ Local pages vs. Google Brand pages, go into Maps and repeat the search for your most valuable local keywords.

Note: If you don’t know what keywords are best for your business, click here to use our Local Keyword Tool.

You’ll want to delete the page that shows up less often in search. Also don’t forget to factor in how many followers you have on each page before deciding which to delete.

In some cases, you might be surprised to find that the page you need to delete is the one you’ve been working on the hardest. Be ready to transfer all of the images and profile info to the other page if this happens.

3. Make announcements to the followers of the page you’re going to delete

Include the URL to the page you’ll be keeping and a time frame of when this will happen. Give your followers at least a week.

If people have left reviews – and you have a way to contact them – then drop them a line to ask for the review to be repeated on the page you’re keeping.

4. Now you’re ready to delete the page

Go into the page you’re going to delete from your Google+ My Business account portal by clicking “Manage page.”

Scroll to the bottom and follow the prompts to delete the page.

Google warns you that the listing may not be deleted from Maps. This is confusing, but we’ve found that you really have no other recourse but to delete the page anyway.

If you find later that the business listing still exists in Maps or Google+Local a few weeks after you’ve done all of this, then try their form located here or just report the page.

Why not just use the form?

Fair warning, I used that form in the beginning of my process and while they were faster to respond than they have been in the past, they simply told me they would deactivate the duplicate and that I could delete the page anytime I want.

So, you might as well skip the process and just delete it after you’ve followed the steps above.

Now, if we could only figure out why there are so many duplicates in the first place…


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