Local Marketing Success Stories and Testimonials

Local Marketing Success Stories and Testimonials

I’ve helped business owners for nearly two decades reach their customers with practical local marketing solutions.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their local marketing campaigns:

…Increased traffic to our website and nearly doubled our party reservations.…

“We originally began working with Malcom in hopes of revitalizing our company website with a more feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing design. The list of desired improvements we provided at the onset of the project was vertiginous; a disorganized, stream of consciousness, written-on-the-back-of-bar-napkins kind of list. He helped us to clearly define our goals for the project, provided various design options/benefits, and quickly developed a website above and beyond what we expected.

It is because of our initial experience with Malcom that we have continued to work with him on additional projects. Not only did Malcom develop a website the exceeded our expectations, helped us achieve our goal to become more recognizable as a kids’ birthday party destination in Hamption Roads. His knowledge and implementation has increased traffic to our website by 87% and nearly doubled our party reservations.”

Chris Tinsley - Virginia Beach Rock Gym

Chris Tinsley
Virginia Beach Rock Gym

…Malcom went well above and beyond…

“Bossa Nova Interactive gave us everything we were looking for in a website. They were very easy to work with and extremely responsive. When it comes to customer service, Malcom went well above and beyond. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

Joel Andrus - Kemper Consulting

Joel Andrus
Kemper Consulting

…He is reliable and easy to communicate with…

“For over 10 years, I have worked with Malcom – both as a colleague and as a client – on several websites, marketing campaigns, and projects. Over that period of time, I have seen him manage hundreds of projects, and often ones which are incredibly large and demanding. Malcom is a problem solver, is extremely dedicated and focused, and is always someone who I know will find the best solution possible. He is reliable and easy to communicate with, and takes the time to explain things in a way that I will understand. I trust him implicitly and cannot recommend him highly enough: it is a given that I will go to him and Bossa Nova Interactive to help me design every new project that comes my way, and encourage others to do so as well.”

Logan Taylor - Satya Yoga

Logan Taylor
Satya Yoga Norfolk

…A vital resource for my Internet publishing business…

“Bossa Nova Interactive is a vital resource for my Internet publishing business. At every stage of development, Malcom McCutcheon has provided invaluable guidance and service on a host of subjects, including WordPress setup and management, SEO, social media optimization, Google functionality and more. Interacting with Malcom is always an educational, motivational and pleasant experience. I look forward to his continued involvement with my business.”

Mark Fulton - Christian Family Business Center

Mark Fulton
Christian Family Business Center

…His attention to detail has been invaluable…

“I’ve loved working with Malcom and Bossa Nova Interactive. He has selflessly dedicated his time to assist our nonprofit with the creation of a wonderful website. His attention to details and willingness to make changes on a moment’s notice have been invaluable to us!”

Lisa Goodwin - Connnor's Heroes

Lisa Goodwin
Connor’s Heroes

…Bossa Nova Interactive was extremely understanding of our needs and goals…

“As a person with very little experience in the e-commerce arena, Malcom and Bossa Nova Interactive made the process of building, designing and hosting a website very understandable and easy. Malcom is very easy to reach and understands the time sensitivity of keeping things on track, up and running. Bossa Nova Interactive was extremely understanding of our needs and goals while keeping my startup on a budget. Malcom is a very talented guy and we look forward to working with Bossa Nova for a very long time. ”

Scott Lilliston - Bulkaroo.com

Scott Lilliston

…we’ve experienced a noticeable increase…

“My goal was to enhance JUST Plumbing’s presence in the top search engines and to create a website that looks professional, user friendly, and informative. After researching several web designers in Hampton Roads, I found Bossa Nova Interactive to be the most honest, responsive, and motivated.

Malcom fulfills my requests in a timely manner and maintains a line of communication regarding the progress of maintenance to our site. He has even created tutorials for me so that I may make minor updates on my own! Since the JUST Plumbing site went live we have experienced a noticeable increase in requests for service from existing and potential customers researching our site. We are very impressed with the response and highly recommend Bossa Nova Interactive for SEO and Web Design services.”

Trish Mousavi - Just Plumbing

Trish Mousavi
Just Plumbing

…can’t go wrong with Malcom…

“Malcom McCutcheon is a pleasure to work with. Extremely easy going, great communicator, and a fine sense of humor to boot. That he’s a true professional on top of it is almost a bonus–but it’s the whole point. Can’t go wrong with Malcom.”

Jessie Scaccia - AltDaily.com

Jesse Scaccia

…we were sold out and had teams on a waiting list!…

“Malcom rescued our website when we needed help the most. We run a charity golf tournament in memory of a fallen police officer. Normally, I am calling and begging people to sponsor. Thanks to Malcom’s hard work, last year we got twice as many sponsors as usual, and for the first time, we were sold out and had teams on a waiting list. I highly recommend Bossa Nova Interactive for any of your digital marketing needs.””

Traci Jefferies - Detective Jarrod Shivers Memorial Golf Tournament

Traci Jefferies
Detective Jarrod Shivers Memorial Golf Tournament

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