Local SEO Services: Get Customers to Find You, Instead of the Competition

Local SEO Services: Get Customers to Find You, Instead of the Competition

Local SEO Services:

How to Get Customers to Find You, Instead of the Competition

As a local business owner, you already know that people are looking online for your business.


When locals are searching for a business, they don’t pick up the yellow pages anymore. They use a search engine like Google to find a local business.

You’re a smart and savvy business owner, so you know all of this already, right?

Of course you do.

But just in case you aren’t convinced…

Check out these facts about local search marketing:

  • Nearly 97% of all consumers search online to shop locally
  • 50% of searches on mobile device are local
  • 24% of all Google searches have a local intent

So now the question is…

You know they’re searching for your business.

But do they find you…or your competitors?

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve witnessed scenarios like the ones below play out.

Local Business Search Examples

Brick-and-mortar business: For example, when standing in front of a karate studio, I pull out my phone and do a search for the word “karate.” Of course, lots of organic search results come up for the word karate, but there’s also a map with local listings embedded in the search results. The closest business isn’t the one in front of me, it’s the one 5 miles away. This my friends, is a fail. So I try other keywords like “martial arts” and even more specifically, “martial arts studio.” Guess what? Yep. The studio I’m standing in front of isn’t there. But all of their competitors are. Fail, again.

Service-based business: For this example, let’s say I’m looking for a plumber and I have a friend that works for a local plumbing company in Yorktown, VA, but I can’t remember which one. So on my laptop at home I search for “plumber yorktown” and a bunch of plumbing companies show up, but not the one they work for. Closest plumbing company in the search results? An emergency plumber in Norfolk, VA – which is three cities and one tunnel away. Fail, as in epic.

Local Searchers Are Some Of The Easiest Customers You’ll Ever Get

Why? Because they are actively searching for the same products and services you offer, many of them with the intent to buy.

Your competitors know this.

And they’re using this knowledge to get found by customers before you do.

And if you do nothing about it, those customers will continue finding your competition first.

The Good News: I Can Help You Get In Front Of These Customers

Malcom McCutcheon - Bossa Nova Interactive

Hi, my name is Malcom McCutcheon, founder of Bossa Nova Interactive.

I’ve dedicated nearly 2 decades to helping business owners just like you generate more business and customers by helping them increase local online visibility.

And I can do the same for you.

Here’s what some of my clients say…

Malcom rescued our website when we needed help the most. We run a charity golf tournament in memory of a fallen police officer. Normally, I am calling and begging people to sponsor. Thanks to Malcom’s hard work, last year we got twice as many sponsors as usual, and for the first time, we were sold out and had teams on a waiting list. I highly recommend Bossa Nova Interactive for any of your digital marketing needs.”

Traci Jefferies - Detective Jarrod Shivers Memorial Golf Outing

Traci Jefferies
Detective Jarrod Shivers Memorial Golf Outing

Not only did Malcom develop a website the exceeded our expectations, helped us achieve our goal to become more recognizable as a kids’ birthday party destination in Hampton Roads. His knowledge and implementation has increased traffic to our website by 87% and nearly doubled our party reservations.”

Chris Tinsley - Virginia Beach Rock Gym

Chris Tinsley
Virginia Beach Rock Gym

What Kind of Results Do YOU Want?

  • Do you want to get found at the top of Google when someone searches for a product or service you sell?
  • Do you want your phone ringing more often with people inquiring and buying your stuff?
  • Do you want to get more foot traffic through the doors of your local store?

If so, I invite you to request one of a limited number of free consultations I give away every month.

Simply call me at 757-952-6772 or fill out the FREE Consultation Request Form below, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.

But please remember, I only offer a limited number of consultations each month. This ensures I keep a reasonable balance between working for my clients and giving away free consultations. So if my clients are keeping me too busy, I’ll have to put you on my consultation waiting list. So request your consultation now.

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