The Power of Automatic – Scheduling Posts in WordPress

The Power of Automatic – Scheduling Posts in WordPress

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Auto Scheduling Posts in Wordpress

Scheduling posts in WordPress is a simple, yet often overlooked, feature of the popular blogging platform.

Writing posts in batches

You’re busy. I’m busy. It’s a common theme amongst bloggers – we’re always looking for ways to maximize our time and productivity. Sometimes that involves a short window of time to write a single post, but when you do find a block of time it can be helpful to write a bunch of posts at once.

The auto-post scheduling utility in WordPress comes in really handy here as you can set a date and time for each draft to post in the future. It’s also very handy if you’re a blogger with a day job and want to schedule your posts to hit while you’re at work.

How to schedule posts in WordPress for future dates

When you’re working on a draft, you’ll notice a “Publish Immediately” setting along with an Edit link next to it. If you click this, it allows you to set a date and a time in the future for the post to go live.

Auto-Scheduling Posts in WordPress

Once you pick a future date and time, the main Publish button turns into a Schedule button.

Strategic posting times

Not all of my posts are auto-scheduled, but when I do use this feature, I tend to pick a day in the middle-to-late part of the week, such as Wednesday through Friday. I also opt for the late afternoon, sometime between 3pm and 5pm EST in the United States. When I do this I am trying to hit a time that East Coast and West Coast readers (and everyone in between and beyond) will see the post during working hours that are most likely considered enough “downtime” to read through an article.

Are you taking advantage of this feature?

Let other readers know how you leverage this powerful feature of WordPress by leaving a comment below.


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