Offline blogging software rocks, but don’t make this mistake

Offline blogging software rocks, but don’t make this mistake

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Offline Blogging Software is great, just don't make this one mistake

Just a quick tip this week, and a chance for you aspiring business bloggers/content marketers out there to laugh at learn from my mistake.

When it comes to WordPress editing apps for my Mac, MarsEdit is my all-time favorite offline blogging software.

It lets me keep working on my posts in situations where there is no internet – like when I am on a plane, for example.

Just don’t make the same mistake I did recently by hitting the “Send to Blog” button too quickly.

Moving too fast

I was preparing to go on vacation and like many people had a ton of loose ends to take care of. Earlier in the week I had taken advantage of some quiet time in a place with no internet and cranked out a series of half-baked article outlines using MarsEdit on my Macbook Air.

The day before I was to go out of town, I found a really small window of free time and decided that I could finish one of those outlines and publish it. In hindsight, that was mistake number one.

Everyone has their own process for writing articles. Mine involves spewing raw thoughts into an electronic document in something that barely passes for an outline. I often start with the most unpolished text. Grammar and spelling don’t even factor into it. In short, I’d never want anyone to read the loose jumble of thoughts that is my roughest of drafts.

But that’s exactly what happened to me when I hit the “Send to Blog” button in MarsEdit. Mistake #2, and it was the biggest of this story.

Post Status: DRAFT!

So I accidentally skipped the tiniest little pulldown menu in the bottom right corner.

MarsEdit - Post Status: Draft


I’m a frequent user of both MarsEdit and WordPress.

In both cases, I always tweak and double-check a bunch of settings before I publish an article, not to mention proofreading it at least once before sending it to the live blog. I save something as a draft dozens of times in between choosing tags, featured images, categories, SEO settings, etc.

So this n00b mistake was brought to you courtesy of me moving too fast.

I can’t blame the software. The problem existed in between the keyboard and the chair.

Un-ringing the bell  – or – Publicize is the devil

Some of you might be familiar with the “Publicize” feature in WordPress. It’s relatively new. It allows you to configure various social media channels so that when a post gets published, it also gets automatically shared.

So when I hit the “Send to Blog” button in MarsEdit, my caveman gibberish “article” got sent to the live blog, the RSS feed, and Facebook, Twitter, Tumbr and Google+.

Chasing down all of those loose ends was not a fun time. I’d like to think that I got them all before anyone saw it, but my Google Analytics real-time module won’t let me believe that fantasy.

So for any of you that may have seen that half-baked article – sorry about that.

And if you’re thinking about using an offline blog editor, I still highly recommend it. MarsEdit is my choice but there are many out there for Mac, Windows, and also tablets and smartphones. You can’t go wrong with most of them. Just try not to work too fast or you’ll end up publishing a really ugly draft :).

For example, this article probably looked something like this in the beginning:

Ok this article is gonna be about notmaking stupif mistakes using offline editors

And next I talk about how i write mine – not that anyone will care

Other points – 

my big mistake and what lead up to it

close it off by making fun of myself

hope nobody saw it when i accidentally published to the blog and social channels.

Has this ever happened to you?

Leave a comment below to share your story/pain with others!

I can’t be the first experienced blogger to make this rookie mistake…


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