Free High Resolution Images For Your Blog

Free High Resolution Images For Your Blog

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Why you need "Really Free" not "Royalty Free"

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Most bloggers know that finding the right free high resolution images for their posts can be a challenge.You can’t always use a Google Image Search for “free high resolution images”

One of the problems with using Google Images is that using the word “free” in your search terms sometimes brings back results for the term “Royalty-Free.”

“Royalty Free” simply means that you only have to pay one time, but may use the image an unlimited amount of times.

But you still have to pay and that’s not always ideal.

Why you need “Really Free” not “Royalty Free” high resolution images for your blog

Some of the best wordpress themes that have come out recently rely on larger images and thumbnails. 

Most bloggers won’t want to pay for a nice featured image every single time they post a new entry.

That’s why having these sites bookmarked will help.

Completely Free High Resolution Image Sites

Keep in mind that these sites are not perfect. Some of the photos are older, especially any that feature computers or other technology. contains a massive library of photographs that are completely free for any use without any sort of restrictions, credits, linking, or permission required.

While they do have many images, they also encourage you to search on a few paid stock photo sites, so be aware of this while browsing around. is a Tumblog. They add 10 new photos every 10 days. The search feature isn’t setup in the same way as Morguefile, so do yourself a favor and click on the Archive link for easier browsing.

Here’s a sample gallery of some of the images I’ve found using these sites.

Good luck, bloggers!

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