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Social Media

How to NOT Suck at Social Media - Fail

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In April of 2014, the largest police force in the country learned that even the best-intentioned social media campaigns can go awry quickly. The New...
How to NOT Suck at Social Media - Fail

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Reality star and quasi-celebrity Dean McDermott decided to fight some Twitter Trolls recently. He lost. And by lost, I mean he got trolled hard. It basically ended...
Jeff Rock Interview, Elixr App, User Experience a Priority

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Elixr's community-driven app helps you discover and share the best drinks in town and the best places to enjoy them. The mobile app's killer user experience...
Custom URL Shortener

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Adding a custom url shortener to with your own branded domain name is a lot easier than you might think. Why would you need a...
Yet another ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Love it or hate on it, there are lessons to be learned from the viral success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Like most of...