Local SEO

Local SEO

Top 5 benefits of using google voice for business

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Business owners should consider claiming their Google voice number if they haven't already. Google Voice is great for businesses of all sizes, but really excels...
Custom URLs for Google Plus Local Pages

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UPDATE: We were eventually able to get the name we wanted without adding extra characters, but it wasn't easy. Check out the followup here. Ever...
Whack -A-Dupe! Google Plus Local Duplicate Pages

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Trying to merge duplicate Google Plus Local pages? Short answer: you can't, but deleting it is faster than dealing with Google support. Before you do that, however, make...
Local Movie Theater Advertising Sucks

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The best time to reach locals isn't when they are about to watch a movie, or while driving, or watching TV. No, the best time...

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Local keyword research can be a small business owner's secret weapon, giving them an unfair advantage over their competitors. A small investment in research up...