Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Advertising is an Investment, Not an Expense

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How much should you spend on your yearly advertising budget? Ask 10 companies and you are likely to receive 10 different answers. The process of determining...
Advertising is an Investment, Not an Expense

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Contrary to the beliefs of many small business owners, advertising is an investment in your business, and not simply another business expense to be...

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(Or, why my site currently looks briefly looked so very plain.) UPDATE: 12/13/2014 - The problem occurred again and the plugins and theme have been ruled...
Auto Scheduling Posts in Wordpress

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Scheduling posts in Wordpress is a simple, yet often overlooked, feature of the popular blogging platform. Writing posts in batches You're busy. I'm busy. It's a...
Offline Blogging Software is great, just don't make this one mistake

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Just a quick tip this week, and a chance for you aspiring business bloggers/content marketers out there to laugh at learn from my mistake. When...