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Advertising is an Investment, Not an Expense

How much should you spend on your yearly advertising budget?

Ask 10 companies and you are likely to receive 10 different answers.

The process of determining an annual advertising budget can certainly be a challenge. Spend too much money on advertising and you could put the financial future of your company at risk. Spend too little on advertising and you will not bring in enough new business to stay in business. It is a delicate balancing act that you must learn to master to succeed in business.

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Advertising is an Investment, Not an Expense

Contrary to the beliefs of many small business owners, advertising is an investment in your business, and not simply another business expense to be cut when times are tight.

In fact, among the most commonly cited reasons among small business owners for not spending money on advertising are that they simply cannot afford it.

This is actually the wrong way to look at advertising. While it can be easy to begin slashing expenses when a budget is tight, advertising should certainly not be the first thing to go.

A business expense, by its nature, is something that is consumed and used up, much like copy paper or even ink for the office printer.

When utilized successfully, advertising is not consumed. Instead, it continues to bear fruit in the form of a steady stream of new customers. Of all of the investments that your company can make, smart advertising decisions can provide a significant return on investment.

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Hashtag Surfing - What works for brands and what doesn't

Brands regularly attempt to capitalize on the traffic and exposure of trending topics by “hashtag surfing” (adding a popular #hashtag to their promoted tweets or Facebook page status updates.) Unfortunately, this tactic also regularly backfires.

While they were first designed to provide the capability of quickly searching terms and to give users the ability to link trending information, hashtags have evolved into much more than that and savvy marketers have been quick to jump on the bandwagon.

When it comes to marketing, the real issue is that marketers sometimes can’t seem to tell the difference between when it’s a good idea to use a popular hashtag and when it is best left alone.

In some instances, the consequences to improper hashtag surfing could be relatively minor, but in other instances, it could result in significant complications, as some brands have discovered the hard way.

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