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We’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating…

Local customers are searching for your business.

But do they find you, or the competition?

David was smarter than Goliath

In this course business owners will learn how to reach their local customers via digital channels.

But you’ll also learn how to compete with the big guys and their big budgets.
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Some content has a high bounce rate, and that's okay

High bounce rate can sometimes be okay

Writing great content is all about being motivated to provide value to the reader, but some helpful articles have a high bounce rate that is unavoidable.

Its a challenge that a lot of bloggers face when trying to post useful content.

From time-to-time you’re naturally going to write a blog post that provides an answer to a specific problem that the reader is facing.

While this is great, it may also lead to that user finding what they need, and then quickly leaving your site.

What is a bounce rate and why should you care?

Bounce rate is a measure of how many visitors came to a single page on your site and then left without viewing other pages on your site.

Different types of sites should have different levels of concern over bounce rates. Most websites want a low (under 50%) bounce rate, especially if you’ve got an e-commerce website.
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Local Advertising Fail - The Ugly Steak Dinner
Food can be a tricky thing to photograph, as the ugly steak dinner in this 300×50 local advertising fail illustrates.

Was this a print ad from a Hotel Restaurant Guide?

This online display ad looks like it was translated from one of those restaurant ads usually found in hotel room restaurant guides.

Animated, but why?

This ad was animated, but only a small window of text changes with each frame. Unnecessarily, I might add.
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Here’s an update to a previously featured social media automation workflow.

The new, easier method uses two FREE apps to look alive and kicking on social sites.

Social media automation with Flipboard and Buffer apps

Social Media Automation with Flipboard and Buffer Apps
The short version of this strategy goes like this.

  1. Find fresh content (usually related to your niche or industry) that your followers might find interesting.
  2. Save and share these stories using the two apps mentioned below.
    • Flipboard app makes it easy for you to skim a lot of content quickly and regularly from your mobile devices.
    • Buffer is a service that helps distribute this curated content over time so you don’t flood social media feeds and look like a spammer.

Google Reader is dead, but news feeds are not

Like I said before, this all relies on finding content that your users will find valuable. Using a feed reader is a good way to have content pushed to you in one large stream. New stories that fit your parameters are automatically added to the stream.

Google Reader used to be, in my opinion, the best news feed reader service out there. It was also the starting point for this strategy until Google killed off Reader on July 1, 2013.

But the good news is that there are still other tools you can use to set this up!
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Retweets Are Not Endorsements? Are Twitter Disclaimers Necessary?

Is it necessary to have a “retweets are not endorsements” disclaimer in your Twitter profile?

What about adding “follows are not endorsements” in your Twitter bio?

How about something like “Views are my own” or “Opinions are my own?”

Should you have a disclaimer to offer you some sort of protection from your actions on Twitter?

Answer: No, not really.

Common sense should dictate that just because you retweet something or follow someone that it doesn’t mean you endorse them.

That would be like saying that I endorse the views expressed on Fox News because I randomly watched that channel one day.

(And before anyone gets political on me, the same goes for MSNBC or CNN, okay?)

My point is that it should not matter that you follow someone on Twitter.

Or that you retweeted some asinine comment made by a celebrity.

For example, I have followed Charlie Sheen because he is a train wreck – not because I believe he will be the next poet laureate.

Should that mean that I endorse him? Absolutely not.
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